Who are we? 

We are a group of friends with different talents, backgrounds and competencies, who thought of building a marketplace to support those who are establishing their e-commerce businesses, either by selling imported products, their own crafted products or connecting them with those who can support their ideas and business to complete the echo system in whole.


Our Value 

Every single product we sell is either for an entrepreneur who decided to import/invent a product or a product or a service that will enable an entrepreneur in establishing his/her own business.

If you are selling commodities, crafting a product, selling a raw material or working in a supporting domain within this chained process cycle (shipping, wrapping, packaging, etc...); we do understand your challenge and we care about you.  We understand that you are probably facing different kinds of challenges starting from selecting a proper product, penetrating the right market, reaching out to your prospects, selling your product and/ or building a mature win-win relationship with a supporting partner. If you are one of those or struggling in between: join us, we’ve been there and we know how to get you out.